Trackmania Open 2017

Welcome to the Trackmania Open 2017 – It’s beta time!

We’re proud to present you the first edition of the Trackmania Open!
Starting off today  we are keen to present you a new tournament series.

Trackmania Open (#tmo) is going to be a 3v3 tech tournament, taking place from the 20th of August probably until the 1st of October.

We especially and explicitly address those of you, who are not part of the Trackmania Pro League Solo Cup.

This tournament is meant to be a beta version of a future tournament concept, where we are going to test different approaches, our platform and our workflow but with way shorter Maps and smaller Lineups to grant you the best tournament experience in 2018 and to familiarize you with our way of tournament hosting. We can’t guarantee prizemoney for this edition yet, but you can look forward to it in the future.

For all of this we need you!

Team registration is open now, as well as map submission. Therefore, please check the rulebook for all the needed information. Let’s make this one a successful first edition to have even more successful editions in the next years. We are looking forward to your feedback, your criticism and your experiences to be shared with us.

Please also join our Discord server to be up to date all the time.

Best Regards,

Harni, CicimaN, Maik and the whole Staff of the Trackmania Open

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