Major changes

As the Tournament receives great feedback so far, we feel quite confident to implement more Ideas we had at the beginning of the Journey. So we gotta change the Tournament Format to what we thought of in the first place

New Format

We gotta start with a first Groupstage as planned. Each Group will consist of 4 Teams and we will have up to 12 Groups . 24 Teams will advance to the Next Round. This means that if we got a minimum of 8 Groups Top 3 will advance, if we get a maximum of 12 Groups the Top 2 Seeds will advance. For every Number in between the best 3rd Seeds will advance.

In the next Phase we will have 4 Groups consisting of 6 Teams each. The Teams will take their Score from the first Round with them and there will be 3 Matchdays of Swiss-Mode in that Groupstage. This leads to a guaranteed minimum of 6 Matches in total for all 24 Team that advance over the first Groupstage.

The Winner of each of the 4 Groups will advance to the Final Four.

This will happen on the Weekend from the 30.09. to the 01.10. Semi Finals will take place on the Saturday, Match for 3rd and Grand FInal will take place on Sunday.

Same Scheme for the Seeds 2 or 3 is possible, if the Teams are interested in playing for the places 5-12


We want to grant each Team as many matches as possible while as many matches as possible matter, and we hope you will like this Structure.

Best Regards

TMO Staff



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