Final Four Streaming

Hello everyone,

here are some more information on how to stream the final four:

The application form will be available once the final 4 matches are decided (so we can ascertain who will be able to stream). Those participating in final 4 matches will not be allowed to stream – however they can record and link youtube video later if they want us to include later.

The initial requirements to qualify for the final casting spots will be activity – We will be looking at people streaming as many matches as available for them – and of course to be available for the final match dates, and also a capability to upload match VOD’s to youtube is preferable if possible.

For the final match dates it will be required to wear the overlay provided by the tournament organisation.

The final match form will include recogniseable criteria from the earlier form however there will be additional space to input which language you wish to stream in and you will also be asked to submit match ID for the match you wish to cast.

We will notify the streamers of which the organisation has decided will do the final matches to assure their availability and provide the relevant information including servers and overlay, so to clarify, only those who submit the form created will be considered for final match streams.

For further questions on this, please contact Scotsman or Cervisia on our Discord server

Best regards
TMO Staff

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