Results of the first Groupstage

Hello everyone,

as the first groupstage came to an end, these are the 24 Teams advancing to the next groupstage including the points they are carrying with them.

Group A

Exilio +22
ALM 1 -22

Group B

orKs Black +3
hpD -3

Group C

E-Corp 2 +9
Q Pink -9

Group D

PkD +22
MnM Red -22

Group E

E-Corp 1 +9
THE 1 -9

Group F

MyMo Black +7
MD -7

Group G

MnM Main +17
THE 2 -17

Group H

Q Green -3
ANE Green +3

Group I

Lioncast +22
THC 2 -22

Group J

MnM Hell +12
dac-SP 1-12

Group K

THC 1 +19
eSuba -19

Group L

MyMo Orange +17
Phats -17

Watch the Draw later tonight on

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