Presenting: TMO Classics

“Anotha one”

DJ Khaled

Hello everyone!

with this inspiring quote we want to present you the

Trackmania Open Classics Solo Cup


In this Cup, we want to make you rediscover competitive tracks from the far and near past. 11 years of competitive TrackMania brought us hundreds of maps. Some masterpieces are still driven but, unfortunately, most of the tracks are long forgotten and we’d like to bring the history of the major tournaments closer to you – or evoke old memories.

The concept is pretty simple. The cup takes place in one Weekend, maps will be announced the weekend before.

On Saturday there’s a Time Attack Qualification and the Knock Out Brackets played in Cup Mode will happen on Sunday.

Each edition will follow a specific motto regarding characteristics or circumstances of the maps. For the first edition we chose “The Early Days” as a starting point.

Depending on the upcoming schedule, the Trackmania Open Classics will be held in between the major tournaments and we are aiming for about 4 editions a year.

Who can participate?

The qualification is open to everyone. Just join the server in time and try your best to secure one of the spots for the KO-Phase on Sunday.

Can I contribute maps to the cup?

You can! You can submit your own motto and suitable maps for it. But make sure your motto is representing a strong characteristic. “Turn left at the start” is a bad contribution, “multilap” or “speedtech” can be seen as good examples.
Just send your motto and the tmx/mx links to;
Subject “TMO Classics Map Submission”
This might help you for this. Its a database, mostly collected by shortz, covering all major tournaments from 2006 until now.

When does the first edition take place?

On Saturday and Sunday, the 18th and 19th November 2017.

Get the full Rulebook and all information here

TMOC Cover

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