E-Corp Gaming wins TMO 2017!

As the Trackmania Open 2017 Team Cup came to an end, we are happy to crown the first and well deserved Champion:

E-Corp Gaming 1

The following places are:

2. E-Corp Gaming 2
3. Planetkey Dynamics
4. Team Q Green

We would like to thank all the Teams for the effort they put into this tournament. We have seen some great matches and sick performances during the past weeks and we are overwhelmed on the echo this tournament received. Intended as a small cup to test some of our ideas and for you to have at least something to do while TMPL, we ended up with having some of the very best players playing their best throughout the tournament.

So whats up next?
As this was the first edition and the first tournament all of us ever hosted, its now time to look back and to evaluate what we have seen. Therefore we’d like to encourage you to give us your opinion on Discord.
Every aspect of the tournament can be and needs to be discussed.
Some points are already pretty obvious. We definitely need a completely new format that is more robust towards any inconveniences and a rulebook that can deal better with possible irregularities. We need to avoid „pointless“ games and to slim down the schedule by a lot.
Any further feedback is well welcomed and we can promise to be open minded to all of it.
Mappers will receive their feedback during the upcoming week. We can already say that we were overall quite happy with what you created.
In the next Weeks we will present you a Roadmap on what you can expect until the next edition and what conclusions we took out of your experiences and feedback.

Along comes now the Trackmania Open Classics. We hope to see many of you again there!

We will not rest until next year and we can recommend to stay on our discord to be up to date about upcoming cups and updates regarding the 2018 edition.

Finally, i want to apologize to all the teams and players that suffered from the weaknesses and downsides of this years TMO and that could not enjoy it as we and you wished. We still hope to see you again in the future!

Best regards
The TMO Staff

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