As 2k17 is coming to an end…

Hi everyone!

2017 comes to an end soon and i promised you an outlook for whats coming up in 2018.

First of all we got a lot of feedback on both the tmo team cup and the tmo classics and we are willing to take all of it into account and make the cups better.

Now to our plans for the upcoming year:

First I am happy to announce that nevermind and JohN joined our adminteam in order to make it more professional and more community based. A warm welcome to both of them! Both will work on the upcoming team cup that will most likely happen in Fall. You might heard of various things from the TMeC which we are part of as an organization and you will see some of the pulses from there in our team cup.

Furthermore we are currently preparing the next TMO Classics and i will try to find a Weekend after CPS19, if theres a date and theme to tell you i’ll do that a$ap. For the TMO Classics I am currently looking for someone to join our admin team that will be responsible for the preparation and the maps of these cups. If you are interested or in need of more information about what to do feel free to pm me.

In addition I am happy to announce that we teamed up with Toms and Aurora Racing to realize a TMO Fullspeed Cup in 2018. More Details about this will come at the beginning of next year when we can concretize our plans and ideas.

Similar to Fullspeed we also intend to have a Dirt Tournament in the future. And as in Fullspeed, we need someone to help us realizing that cup because we dont have the needed insight in the Dirt scene. If you are interested in it or know someone/a team that might be down for it, message us!

2017 was an exciting year and we are looking forward to 2018! We wish all of you a merry christmas already and see you next year!

Best regards

TMO Staff

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