Map Request TMO Fullspeed

This year, TrackMania Open is bringing its first FullSpeed single player cup to TrackMania 2 Stadium. With the help of the already established TMO name, we hope to revitalize the FullSpeed scene and to introduce the style to a wider scope of players. Players of all skill levels will have an opportunity to take part.

An open to everyone TimeAttack seeding stage will kick off the competition. For the newer players it will be a perfect opportunity to play with and learn from some of the best FullSpeed drivers in a competitive setting. Afterwards, for the top performers, the already familiar rounds 1v1v1v1 format will follow*. In this stage, we look to provide a fresh new take on what sets FullSpeed apart from the other styles.

*The playoff tree size will be determined by the player activity in the initial stage of the competition.

Map Request

As the final dates still need to be determined we want to collect your maps already. You can find all the required Informations below:


  • Titlepack is allowed and encouraged
  • 32×32 is preferred, 64×64 is allowed
  • No Random boosts
  • No Antiboosts
  • No Engine Cuts
  • Default daytime only, no dynamic lighting
  • Make sure your map is playable on weaker machines, with minimal lag. That means no birds or sign overkill
  • Feel free to create a harder and easier finish on the map. The harder one should not be more than .3 of a second faster
  • Length should be between 55 and 70 seconds max, so the map pool is challenging and fresh
  • No already released maps are allowed to be sent in. No one else but you should know the maps, we will provide feedback if your map is selected and needs adjustment.
  • Unselected, unreleased maps sent to other competitions such as ESL or ASM are welcome
  • Please use the Signpack #tmo
  • Mapname: $EB1tmo$034# $fffYourNameHere
  • Send your Maps via Mail to:
  • Join the Discord:
  • Deadline is the 4th of may

Download the PDFtmo_FS_MapRequest.png


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