First Matches This Weekend + Join the TMO Discord!

The first 16 matches are set to take place this weekend! You can now check out the finalized tournament tree at

This weeks matches will feature 2 default times:

  • All odd matches (1,3,5,…) are scheduled for 2000CEST
  • All even number matches (2,4,6,…) are scheduled for 1900CEST.
  • The matches will take place on password protected, official TMO servers 1-8.

All match organization must happen in the TMO discord, in the assigned match channel! That being said, please reach out to the following players and ask them to join the TMO discord channel through this link:

madzen, ng, aashis, jay, nicklas, shwam, nukem, fushion, dushy, mariogalaxy, xeqzion, maximums, sacorip, unrider, deli, erizel, mindriot, infected, fingolfin, schabowy, retro, kulisa, crackz, siweth


There is now a dedicated channel for announcing your FS streams! You are free to stream any match from your POV. If you wish to stream a match you are not part of, please contant the admins!

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