Lioncast supports Trackmania Open!

Hello everyone!

We are happy to announce, that Lioncast is supporting TrackMania Open in the future by providing prizes for our solo competitions.

About Lioncast:

Team play, communication and cooperation – those are the three pillars on which we base the brand Lioncast. In all areas, be it development, design, manufacturing or marketing, it is essential to act as a team and carry this spirit forward into our products. Together with the Lioncast Community we want to reanimate team spirit in a world of lone warriors because without team work there is rarely any gain at all. Even players with lower k/d ratios or supporters can be important and valuable contributors to the team. Whether you’re a jungler, supporter, tank or carry – we want to build a strong team with you!


 FullSpeed Cup 2018 – Prizes:

1st Place: LX50 Gaming Headset + esport ONE Gaming Mousepad + 20% discount code for

The LX50 is Lioncasts flagship gaming headset and the best they have ever made. The result is impressive: Uncompromising comfort paired with remarkable sound.


2nd Place: LM20 Gaming Mouse + esport ONE Gaming Mousepad + 15% discount code for

The LM20 is the perfect gaming rodent for shooters, MOBAs and RTS. Lioncast went to great lengths to design the ergonomic shape and make the LM20 feel fantastic in your hand. The weight tuning system and individually programmable profiles allow you to personalize it to your exact needs.


3rd – 4th Place: esport ONE Gaming Mousepad + 10% discount code for


Furthermore one 15% discount code will be given away to one random player that played at least one match (qualification not included)


Despite the already great attendance, we hope that this might get you some extra motivation.

Best regards

TrackMania Open Staff

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