The New TM Rankings

Hello everyone,

after the Tech Rankings made by Skadi got vaulted due to the ManiaPlanet 4 update, we finally came up with a new version of a merit-based ranking for both Solo Players and Teams!

Check the new TM Rankings here

The new TM Rankings are based upon the World Rankings of the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) and therefore way more simple then the first Tech Rankings used to be. So how do they work?


  • Solo Players collect points for the solo ladder only by playing solo competitions and teams only collect points playing team competitions. It’s not possible to gain points for the solo ranking in team competitions.
  • The only thing decisive is the final result or the round one gets eliminated
  • Only tech competitions are taken into account
  • The rankings get updated after every tournament


  • Tournaments get categorized into 5 categories with different amounts of points that can be won (1000, 750, 500, 250, 100)
  • The categorization is done by a mathematical model using the following criteria:
    • Prizepool
    • Participants
    • Top participants
    • Duration
    • Past editions
    • Game Mode
    • Online/Offline (Only for Solo Competitions)


  • The points distribution is based upon the world rankings of the ATP as named above
  • Only tournaments from the current plus the last 3 quarters are taken into account
  • Furthermore the points one got from a tournament are getting discounted quarter-wise with a factor of 0.25


  • Teams must participate in at least one multi-week-tournament in order to be part of the ranking
  • In case of any name-changes or regrouping, 3 players from the last competition must remain in your lineup to keep the points
  • In case of multiple lineups from 1 team, only the best result will give you points
  • If a team wishes to have their 2nd or 3rd lineup listed independentely just contact us

We would like to emphasize that this is Version 1 of the rankings and we tried our best to have all the mathematical models and all the data on point but we can’t guarantee complete accuracy. If you notice any issues, mistakes or odd points, just tell us on discord.

You can find in-depth explanations to all metrics in the data-sheet.

Furthermore, these rankings are not linked to TrackMania Open but just published on this Website.

Best Regards

Skadi and Maik


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