Presenting: TMO TC 18

We are excited and happy to finally present you the TrackMania Open Team Cup 2018!

After our first edition last year with the overwhelming participation and effort all of you gave us, you also provided valuable feedback and ideas on how to improve the cup that, beside all the cool stuff that happened and all the fun we had, definitely had a lot of room to improve. We tried to implement and improve as much as possible. We came up with a new format that still has some of last years elements while getting rid of some desastrous aspects and we improved the backend behind the tournament a lot.

Furthermore, the landscape of TrackMania Competitions is evolving and a lot of new tournaments and formats are coming up. It’s amazing to see what this community still has in it and that the negative vibes after the end of TrackMania a ESWC and STC turned out to only be temporary.

Nevertheless, all those developments and the really stacked schedule also forced us into some new thinking and some more radical changes.

The most radical one you might have already concluded from earlier announcements: We decided to cut the TrackMania Open down to a total of 4 weeks. We hope to make it easier for teams to commit for the entirety of the tournament and to keep the motivation high from the first to the last match and also making the TMO TC accessible for smaller line-ups.

Below you can see a quick overview of how the TrackMania Open Team Cup 2018 will look like. For all Informations and further explanations visit the Information Page in the tournament’s section


We hope to see as many of you as possible this year again!

Best regards

TMO Staff


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