About Prizes and Sponsors

Today we want to tell you a bit more about who is supporting the TrackMania Open Team Cup 2018 and what you can win.


First of all we have Nadeo themselves who are providing a total Prizemoney of 120€ that will be distributed between the first two teams – 80€ for first, 40€ for second.
Furthermore they are providing Goodies for the two following teams.


Additionally we are happy to announce that Runtime.gg is providing 3 of their Runtime Starter Sets and a lot of discount codes.
One of these will be awarded to the Final Four MVP (together with a Lioncast Discount code) who will be publicly voted after the Final Four on the 21st of October. Another one will be given away to one person that participated in the MVP-voting and the last one will be given away on our featured Final Four stream.
Discount codes from Runtime will be given away during the stream(s) as well by just popping up in the stream chat to whoever is claiming them first in the Runtime.gg Shop.


To sum this up:


1st Place:   80€ provided by Nadeo
2nd Place: 40€ provided by Nadeo
3rd + 4th Place: Nadeo Goodies

Final Four MVP: Runtime Starter Set + Lioncast Discount Code


2x Runtime Starter Sets
Numerous Runtime Discount Codes


A huge thanks to Nadeo, Runtime and Lioncast for supporting the TrackMania Open!



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