TrackMania Open Roadmap 2019

Hello everyone,

after a fun 2018 and some time for ourselves, we are now happy to present you our Roadmap for 2019 and what you can expect!

To kick the year off, the TMO Classics are finally returning on saturday, the 9th of march for their second edition and while we will announce the theme for it later on, we can already tell that we’ll use it for some experiments towards our solo cups this year.

Speaking of solo cups, the Dirt Solo Cup will have its first edition in 2019! We are very excited to finally host on Dirt and we currently plan on having it rather soon after Gamers Assembly.
For this, we can still use some help so we are looking for a Dirt-Admin that supports us in hosting that event. If you are interested, just contact Maik on Discord to get more information.

Later that year, our FullSpeed Solo Cup will return for its 2nd edition as well and it will probably have a whole new look! Expect to hit the loops and wallrides during summer.

As the climax of the year, our 3v3 Team Cup will again be held in Fall, most likely in late september/early october.

Hirings: Next to a Dirt-Admin we are also looking for a community manager explicitly but not exclusively for the french community, hit us up if you are interested as well.




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