TrackMania Open 2020

tl;dr at the end

The Release of the new TrackMania Game almost 4 weeks ago is leaving its marks in the landscape and from all we can tell yet it’s a huge success.

The transition of the competitive community seems to have taken place almost immediately which is amazing. A situation like late 2013/early 2014 with a slow and almost painful transition, resulting in a divided scene between TMNF and TM2 was absolutely not desirable. A currently small competitive scene, split among 3 different games would’ve been the worst case and so far it looks like we can avoid it.

While a lot of things inside the new Game are still to be figured out, tested and developed, we think supporting the transition in full consequence is the best thing we can do to contribute. Earlier this year when confronted with the (pretty surprising) close release of a completely new TrackMania Game, we made a statement that we currently plan on hosting all our competitions in 2020 still in TM2. This was based on the experiences I personally made back in 2013 and how long it took some teams and players to make the move to the new game.

However, and as reasoned above, we think it’s the best to move our activities to the new game right now. 

We are happy we were able to have our Dirt Cup and our FS Cup already this year and even if especially the FS cup was held under very difficult circumstances from our side I think we can say we gave these TM2 styles and therefore TM2 as a game a proper farewell. We will monitor the development of these styles in the new TrackMania as it seems like are there are some uncertainties about their future. As far as we can tell, pure Dirt and FS maps seem rather primitive due to the limited variety in the new dirt and fullspeed blocks and we have to see how this turns out in the near future. We believe in the creativity of all of you so we are confident that there’s a future for specialized Dirt and FullSpeed.

Tech already seems to be a step ahead here and had an easier adaption of the new editor and the new blocks. Since our very first Tech Solo Cup would’ve been the next cup to come in TM2 anyways, we will simply hold on to that and will just make it our first competition in the new TrackMania. We still have some things to figure out regarding ingame features, servers, club features as well as how we can utilize the new ESAC platform that we first tried with the FS Cup and still have to get used to. Nonetheless you can expect our Map Request in the upcoming days so get your editor game up!

We are currently preparing our platforms (Discord, Twitter, Homepage etc.) for the transition so you can expect some visual changes there. The Homepage is probably a bigger project right now and we will tackle that when we know better about the possibilities and potential of ESAC and how to make those 2 go well together.

We will also open our public TMO Club in the new TrackMania soon but need some more ideas for content, especially for Rooms. If you have any, feel free to share them. We want it to be a Club where you like to spend some time outside of our tournaments and have some fun as a community.

Last but not least and in regards of the upcoming tech solo competition: We would gladly welcome a Tech admin to help us with the organisation and administration of this year’s tech solo cup and who would be interested in being fully in charge of that in the long-term.


We hope to meet all of you in the new Game at a point and we hope to have you with us in this new chapter of the TrackMania Open.



TMO Staff



– TrackMania Open will move its activities to the new TrackMania Game now
– TrackMania Open Solo Tech Cup on the new TM this Fall
– Map Request for that soon
– Looking for a tech admin

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