Trackmania Open Classics Solo Cup

The history of competitive TrackMania

In this Cup, we want to make you rediscover competitive tracks from the far and near past. 11 years of competitive TrackMania brought us hundreds of maps. Some masterpieces are still driven but, unfortunately, most of the tracks are long forgotten and we’d like to bring the history of the major tournaments closer to you – or evoke old memories.


No registration needed
Players need to join the server before the official starting time.
Mode: Time Attack
10 Minutes per map (3 Maps)
Times will be added up and players will be ranked by their overall time
Top 16 qualify for the KO Phase (+4 Substitutes)

Knock Out Phase

Quarter-, Semi- and Grand Final
Players will be seeded according to their times in the qualification.
Mode: 1v1v1v1 Cup Mode
4 Rounds per map (1 Warm Up each)
Points: 5,3,2,1
Points limit: Quarter- and Semifinal: 40, Grand Final: 50
Finalist Mode: yes
Respawn is allowed
Number of winners: Quarter- and Semifinal: 2, Grand Final: 3


3 Maps from past ESL, ET, TmT, TMM and ESWC tournaments
Maps will follow the respective motto of each edition.
Maps will be announced 1 week before the cup

Map Submission:

You can submit your own Motto and Maps suiting it!
Just send your Motto and the tmx/mx-links to
Subject: TMO Classics Map Submission

Make sure your motto is representing a strong characteristic; “Turn left at the start” is a bad submission, “Speedtech” or “Multilap” can be seen as good examples.

You can find all major tournament maps here
This Database is collected by shortz and includes most of the competitive TrackMania Maps from the past 11 years


Edition #1 – The Early Days


Map Release: 12.11.2017, 18 CET

TMOC Cover

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