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Trackmania Open FullSpeed Solo Cup 2018


Platform: Trackmania 2 Stadium
Titlepack: Competition Titlepack
Style: FullSpeed
Format: TimeAttack Qualification + Single Elimination Playoffs
Default match time: split between 19/20 CEST on Sunday the first week, 20 CEST on Sundays after that


Qualification: 14.05. – 20.05.2018
Playoffs: 27.05. – 24.06.2018 (96 Players)


Open TimeAttack Qualification
Server will be open for 1 Week
3 maps will be played
Top 96 Server Rank is needed to qualify for the playoff stage


Phase 1

Top 96 players from the qualification stage
3 new maps
1v1v1v1v1v1 Cup mode
Top 4 advance to phase 2 of playoffs

Server Settings:
Maporder: Random
Rounds per Map: 4
Number of WarmUps: 1
Pointlimit: 121
Point distribution: 12,8,6,5,4,3
Finalist Mode: Enabled
Finish Timeout: 4 seconds
Respawn: Disabled

Phase 2 and Final

Single elimination playoff tree
1v1v1v1 Cup mode
Top 2 advance to the next round
3 new maps every week until the final. 3 new + 2 maps from previous stages in the final.

Server Settings:
Maporder: Random
Rounds per Map: 4
Number of WarmUps: 1
Pointlimit: 126/131/136/141 for playoffs, 161 points for final
Point distribution: 10,6,4,3
Finalist Mode: Enabled
Finish Timeout: 2 seconds
Respawn: Disabled


We are happy to announce, that Lioncast is providing prizes for the cup! See the full announcement here

1st PlaceLX50 Gaming Headset + esport ONE Gaming Mousepad + 20% discount code for

2nd PlaceLM20 Gaming Mouse + esport ONE Gaming Mousepad + 15% discount code for

3rd – 4th Placeesport ONE Gaming Mousepad + 10% discount code for


Furthermore one 15% discount code will be given to one random player that played at least one match (qualification not included)


Everyone is invited to stream their matches during the cup. Contact us on discord if you want to cast any match as a Spectator!


See the full Rulebook here

Contact information

For questions and clarifications, you may contact us on Discord.

Join the TMO discord here.


*Cup size, point distribution and match dates will be finalized based on the level of activity.

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