Map Request

As the final dates still need to be determined we want to collect your maps already. You can find all the required Informations below:


  • Titlepack is allowed and encouraged
  • 32×32 is preferred, 64×64 is allowed
  • No Random boosts
  • No Antiboosts
  • No Engine Cuts
  • Default daytime only, no dynamic lighting
  • Make sure your map is playable on weaker machines, with minimal lag. That means no birds or sign overkill
  • Feel free to create a harder and easier finish on the map. The harder one should not be more than .3 of a second faster
  • Length should be between 55 and 70 seconds max, so the map pool is challenging and fresh
  • No already released maps are allowed to be sent in. No one else but you should know the maps, we will provide feedback if your map is selected and needs adjustment.
  • Unselected, unreleased maps sent to other competitions such as ESL or ASM are welcome
  • Please use the Signpack #tmo
  • Mapname: $EB1tmo$034# $fffYourNameHere
  • Send your Maps via Mail to:
  • Join the Discord:

Download the PDF


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