§ 1 Registration

  1. Teams need to sign up on
  2. The team-captain or its representative needs to join the official Discord server of the tournament. Everyone else is recommended to join as well.
  3. A charge of 2.500 Planets must be send to maeix in order to confirm the registration
  4. Line up size has to be between 3 and 7 players (including the captain/manager)
  5. Players are not allowed to drive for more than 1 team
  6. Guest drivers are allowed. No limits for each team
  7. Teams receive a unique 4-digit code via mail after registration which they need for submitting the results during the tournament
  8. Lineup changes can be made until the 19th of August
  9. There can be a maximum of 60 teams. First come first serve.
  10. Multiple teams of 1 clan need to be clearly labelled (#1, #2, #3, etc.)
  11. Teams are recommended to be able to host a server. Please contact us if you do not have the possibilties to host yourself.

§ 2 Communication

    1. Main information channel is the Trackmania Open homepage
    2. Platform for communication is the tournaments Discord server
    3. Contact persons are the Admins of the tournament which can be reached on the Discord server:
      1. Admins: Maik, Harni, CicimaN
      2. Referees: Harni, CicimaN
      3. Map Admin: Own
      4. Streaming: Scotsman

§ 3 Structure of the Tournament

    1. Groupstage 
      1. First Groupstage
        1. Groups will be drawn
        2. Up to 12 Groups with 5 Teams each
        3. Each Team faces each opponent once
        4. Teams will be ranked by the overall rounds score from all played submatches
        5. 24 Teams will advance to the next Round
      2. Second Groupstage
        1. Groups will be drawn
        2. 4 Groups with 6 Teams each
        3. Teams take their Score from the Match against the other qualified Team from the first Groupstage into second Groupstage
        4. 3 Matchdays of Swiss-Mode will be played
        5. Teams will be ranked by the overall score from the first Groupstage and the 3 Matches from the second Groupstage
        6. Winner of each Group advances to the Final Four
    2. Final Four
      1. Final Four consists of 2 semi-finals, match for 3rd and the grand final
      2. Semi-final match-ups will be drawn after the quarter finals
      3. Best of 3 Mode, Tennis Mode applies
      4. The Final Four will be played on one weekend – semi-finals on Saturday and match for 3rd and the grand final on Sunday

§ 4 Maps

    1. Map Submission
      1. Maps can be submitted until the 21st of August, submissions after that might be possible, according to the number of maps received so far.
      2. Maps need to be submitted via mail to, Subject: “Map Submission TMO”
    2. Guideline
      1. Map guideline can be found here
      2. The map guideline is mandatory for every map
    3. Evaluation
      1. Maps will be evaluated by various map testers.
      2. If your Map is picked, you get a notification the week before.
      3. All Mappers will receive feedback after the tournament.

§ 5 Before the Match

    1. Teams have to contact each other before the match to agree on date, time and hoster
      1. Contact channel is Discord, you can find a contact for each team on the teams page on the homepage.
      2. There are specific match channels on the discord server for you to contact each other
      3. Default date and time is each Sunday, 20 CEST
      4. Match details for the final four will be set by the tournament and can not be changed except for necessary reasons.

§ 6 Match Procedure

    1. Mode: Team Rounds
    2. Points Limit: 9
    3. Players: 3 vs 3
    4. 3 Maps played every Week
    5. A single 3v3 Submatch on each map
    6. Tennis mode only in the final four
    7. Respawn is allowed
    8. One map will be replaced every week.
    9. Map-order will be determined by the tournament but can be changed if both teams agree on a new order.
    10. In the final four, the match will be decided by the number of won maps (Tennis Mode Applies)
    11. In case of a 2-0 the last map doesn’t need to be played
    12. If a team is 15 minutes late, the other team receives a def-win (27-0 or 2-0)
    13. Players can be changed between the maps
    14. Players can be replaced during a map if the opponent agrees

§ 7 After the Match

    1. Submission of Results
      1. Both teams need to submit the result on the homepage
      2. Results have to be submitted the same day.
      3. If a team does not submit the result in time it receives a warning. If this happens twice, the match will be counted as a loss.
    2. Screenshots
      1. Screenshots do not have to be uploaded but you can’t  protest or prove anything without screens or a VOD. Therefore every team is responsible for their own match documentation.
      2. If Teams submit different Results and none of them can prove theirs, the match will be listed as a draw.

§ 8 Other Penalties

    1. If a team misses 2 matchdays it will be disqualified from the tournament
    2. If a team has a player in their lineup, who already drove for another team it will be disqualified from the tournament
    3. A team that uses a cut will automatically lose the map it has been used on
    4. Disrespectful behaviour which can be proved by screenshots/ VODs can lead to losing  points or a disqualification

§ 9 Prizepool

100.000 Planets
1st: 60.000
2nd: 30.000
3rd: 10.000

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