To make streams/VODs more accessible we would like everyone who is going to stream or record a match to let us now. Therefore, we have prepared a form that we want you to fill in. We will use these information to organise a page with all streamers and matches which will be followed week by week for a better overview.

When the tournament reaches its final 4 teams (Semi-Finals) we plan on making the streams as interesting as possible. In order to do that we won’t allow any POV streams as these only offer a limited perspective for the viewer. Further, there will only be one streamer per language.

As the final 4 will have limited spaces for streaming available, we will do a seperate form concerning the applications for the streaming slots for the final 4 during the tournament and then the admins will discuss regarding the available applications and when we had decided, the streamers for the final matches will be announced and the overlays will be sent.

Notifications of the matches you intend to stream will need to be submitted through the below form 24 hours before the match is due to start so we are able to feature it on the homepage.


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