Streaming finals

So that is us now down to the final four participants of Trackmania Open with E-Corp having both their first and second teams being represented, with lineup one going against Planetkey Dynamics and lineup 2 going against Q Green. These Semi-final matches will be contested between this coming Saturday/Sunday (21st-22nd October) then the third place match and Grand Final will be contested later on Sunday 22nd October.

As we stated in the announcement made previously, the streaming for this will be closed with applications being considered for each match to decide who will broadcast them. See the exact conditions and things we will look for in our final decision here:

So for the forum we have here, we simply need to know again as usual, Twitch and youtube links, in game nickname, which language you would like to stream in and which match you would like to do, also if you are able to stream in another language please let us know so we can still give the opportunity for you to cast if a specific language slot is already taken!

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