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  • Solo Players collect points for the solo ladder only by playing solo competitions and teams only collect points playing team competitions
  • The only thing decisive is the final result or the round one gets eliminated
  • Only tech competitions are taken into account
  • The rankings get updated after every tournament


  • Tournaments get categorized into 5 categories with different amounts of points that can be reached (1000, 750, 500, 250, 100)
  • The categorization is done by a mathematical model using the following criteria:
    • Prizepool
    • Participants
    • Top participants
    • Duration
    • Past editions
    • Game Mode
    • Online/Offline (Only for Solo Competitions)


  • The points distribution is based upon the world rankings of the ATP as named above
  • Only tournaments from the current plus the last 3 quarters are taken into account
  • Furthermore the points one got from a tournament are getting discounted quarter-wise with a factor of 0.25


  • Teams must participate in at least one multi-week-tournament in order to be part of the ranking
  • In case of any name-changes or regrouping, 3 players from the last competition must remain in your lineup to keep the points
  • In case of multiple lineups from 1 team, only the best result will give you points
  • If a team wishes to have their 2nd or 3rd lineup listed independentely just contact us


If theres any issues, mistakes or odd points, just contact us on discord!

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